About the collective

IMG_3550Our vision for Agari evolves constantly as we grow and have more inspiring people connecting with the natural building world & adding their special knowledge and touch.

Right now…

We’re constantly running workshops to help people build their own homes, create community & set up Permaculture properties. We run workshops to inspire and empower people to create the life they want to live. We encourage pressure free environments where workshop participants can flourish creatively and show us what they are passionate about. We aim to regenerate the land we are on and set up an example to inspire everyone from the local towns through to people on the other side of the world and beyond.

Somewhere over the rainbow…

We have so many big ideas & are growing every day. We are constantly nurturing a world-wide community where we can all be more self-sufficient and help create happy fulfilled lives for all. We don’t think this is just about running workshops, we think this is about creating a new way of living that everyone should have access to.

Videos of the farm