Building Australia’s first council approved Earthship!

IMG_3295Agari crew are helping to facilitate the build of Australia’s first council approved Earthship in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. An exciting leap forward for natural building and the start of many to come!

The project is the love child of architect and owner Martin Freney and will become a Bed and Breakfast once completed. It utilises all of the much celebrated components of Earthships including rammed earth tyres, bottle walls, natural plasters, natural convection heating/cooling, water capture, greywater treatment, suitably oriented greenhouse and loads of thermal mass to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Earthship is also pertinent given the fire prone nature of the local area. It is fascinating to see the detail evident in the plans to adapt the Earthship model to Australian conditions.

Check the Earthship Ironbank website for more information and opportunities to get involved!