Earthship Tasmania

Parting is such sweet sorrow! We’ve just finished an incredible 3 week Earthship build down in beautiful Brooks Bay, Tasmania. Over 50 new friends joined to help us get to lock up stage with over 700 tyres pounded, and 100’s of bottles and cans and ‘rubbish’ recycled into the building. A follow-up workshop will be run later this year to finish the roof, floors, bottle walls, rendering, greenhouse and heating system.

We couldn’t have asked for more from the build. Not only was the building a success, the sense of community just really blew us away. We go into every build trying to create a home away from home and this was fully embraced by everyone with regular crafternoons, workshops on a load of topics (natural health products, fermentation, solar passive design, chemical free tiny homes, qi gong, yoga, meditation, aquaponics and more!), music and moorish conversation around the campfire, amazing connections between people and plenty of exploring Tasmania’s unique lands and people.

We can’t wait to come back. So much so, we’ve already booked in 3 Tasmanian Earthship workshops for late 2015 and early 2016! So we’ll be hanging around! Can’t wait for more.

Thanks to all the amazing people involved. We love you and can’t wait to hang out some more and keep growing this beautiful Agari family.