Our first workshop on Agari soil!

Remember the day, long ago, when we hacked through the ground
Pick axes, blood, sweat and tears, blistered hands abound

Stone walls laid, precisely, a curving front arc
By that dread headed, beautiful, English Tasmanian lark

We bashed and we created and we began to form a bond
The magic began, the flick of a wand

Day two, cobbing, clay, sand, straw, water, stomp, stomp
The beginning for many of a new romantic romp

With Mud, so natural, organic, beautiful and gluten free
Becoming one with nature, dancing, getting dirty, playing like children, feeling free

Qi Gong, veggie oil powered cars, mushrooms saving the world, meditations and yoga
Bliss balls, food from our local farmers, songs about caves and a man wearing a toga

Cob balls flying, here, there, up, down, over and under
Errant balls hitting body parts with the sound of perilous thunder

Recycled bottles, wood, love, creativity and passion, all going into the wall
Creating a home, connecting, empowering, letting our guards fall

There was something built here this fortnight, something we should never forget, but it wasn’t just a home
Friendships, healing, heart opening, and enough compost toilet donations to turn our 16 acres of soil into plentiful loam

Thank you all, from us at Agari, Mud Mob and individually
You’ve blown open our hearts and minds, shown us your beauty, made us feel so lucky to count you as new friends, inspired us to write lengthy poems with sentences that require an intermission break just to drink tea

We love you, we can’t wait to see you again, actually we just don’t want any of you to leave
But whatever you do, don’t forget, it’s your duty to make sure, this story you weave

Tell your friends, share and use what you’ve learnt here, love, compassion, unity, we can be so incredible together
Anything is possible, we just have to allow it to happen, you can even survive agari weather

No ego, no ambitions, no competition, no pressure, just all of us as one
This is just the start of an incredible ride, it’s gonna be bloody fun

Sayonara, auf wiedersen, make sure you come say g’day when you’re in the hood
We’ll embrace you with open arms, you’re our family now, we reckon you’re Agari bloody good