Superadobe Dome Build @ Moe Ecovillage

IMG_3971Most of us Agari crew have been helping down at the Moe Ecovillage project, having built a Earthship and Cob house over the past year. We were lucky enough to be invited back to help Hayden from Curvatecture build a Superadobe dome! It was amazing to get back into the workshop routine and we all got such a buzz from all the amazing people who came to learn.

There’ll be a follow up workshop at the property in December to finish the roof, look out for that one through the Curvatecture Facebook page.

Also the guys have recently announced that they’ll be inviting 6-8 people to live rent free at the Ecovillage as part of a video project to document the rise of sustainability and communities such as this one and test out people’s self sufficiency skills. We’ll be getting involved in some capacity. Looks like an amazing idea, check it out!