IMG_3572We run workshops on a variety of topics:

  • Natural Building (Cob, Strawbale, Earthships, Earthbag, Light Earth, Cordwood, Reciprocal roofs, Natural plasters, Bottle walls, and more)
  • Permaculture (Food production, compost, mycology, water/energy systems, animal husbandry or wifeandry, seed saving and more)
  • Health (Healing, fermented foods, alternative medicine specialising in diabetes, yoga, meditation, sound healing and more and more and more)

What goes on at a workshop?

1 – 2 week experiences run by people who are passionate about all of the above, organic local food provided, camping, nature, experiencing a growing permaculture farm and community, complete openness to everyone’s ideas and creativity.

What REALLY goes on at a workshop?

Making a new family of friends in a very short time, connecting, a healing experience far beyond just what is being taught, experiencing an alternative view of how we should all be living, sharing, laughter, tears, support, love. A life changing experience.