Our Crew

daniDani Wolff-Chambers
Dani is a building designer and drafts(wo)man. She studied Earthships in New Mexico & then continued to intern & study various earth building techniques such as strawbale, cob, light earth, hemp crete & much more! Along with her passion for building loves to help people with natural health and nutrition.

jesseJesse Robertson
Jesse has worked on Earthship and Bamboo structures and is also the fountain of knowledge on mycology, fermentation, composting and all things that will save the world.

campbellCampbell Imray
Campbell spent years following the natural building circuit only to realise his shelter needs could be found in caves. He still joins us in the vein hope of converting us all, so we can stop this building nonsense and just get on with living.

Tom Browning
An amazing carpenter and builder trained in Superadobe, Earthships and conventional builds. He’s pretty much the Dalai Lama, teaching us all things zen – Shiatsu massage, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong – always with a smile.

Sean Bozkewycz
The man for Earthship building, whitewater rafting and making curly blonde hair in a ponytail look damn cool. Co-founder of Evolved Earth Earthship building crew.

Michelle & Nick
Our mate’s from Earthen Ripples who’ve built themselves one of the most beautiful cob homes we’ve ever seen, down in the Otways. They share dreads that make us jealous and a contagious thirst for knowledge on ways to live sustainably.

Tommy D
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Tommy D with a mohawk building Earthships, being a leather craftsman, permaculture gardener and band frontman. Recently returned from studying Earthships and Permaculture in the US.

The Agari Family
A number of Agari family members and local friends get involved in our workshops to run sessions on healing, permaculture, music, creativity and other things they love. We like to mix up the workshop with different activities to keep everyone motivated and provide a holistic workshop experience. So much of these workshops are not about just natural building! They are largely about connecting, inspiring one another, healing and creating community!