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Strawbale Roundhouse Building Workshop
(September 4 – 25, 2016)

ADELAIDE, South Australia ($1500 for 3 weeks OR $600 a week)

Join us to build a beautiful Strawbale Roundhouse for our friends Deb and Gruff who are setting up an organic farm and community in the bush near Adelaide! We’ll show you everything you need to know to build your own natural home – and give you advice on your specific plans if you’re already planning your home. You’ll be able to learn a huge variety of natural building styles including: Strawbale, Cob, Roundwood Carpentry, Reciprocal Roofs, Green Living Roofs, Sculpting with mud, Bottle walls and Passive Solar Design principles as well as floors, plastering, and council permits.


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Strawbale Roundhouse Workshop Adelaide

Our workshops also include plentiful information and experience in Permaculture, Natural Health and living in Community. We see these as fundamental to creating a holistic lifestyle and will run mini-workshops throughout the build to give you even more information to help with transitioning toward a more self-sufficient and healthy way of living.

Nutrient dense local organic food, camping in beautiful bushland and an opportunity to meet lots of inspiring people on a similar path to yours!

Coming up!

Keep your eye out, we’ve got stacks of building, permaculture, natural health and community learning on the way!

  • Strawbale Home Workshop (VIC, 2017)
  • Earthship build in an Eco-Village (NSW, 2017)
  • Mini-Earthship & Permaculture Workshop (VIC, 2017)