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IMG_3618Looking to build a home made from natural materials? Starting a permaculture farm? Setting up a community? Woohoo, we’d love to help!

We can give you advice!

We’re always looking to share our learnings from years of running workshops, setting up properties, creating experiences for people and all the little things that help make a workshop special. Let’s have a yarn and help you work out what you can do!

We can run a workshop for you!

We can help you in a number of ways…

  • Design. Advice on site and house design and in choosing the style of building you want. We can provide architectural drawings and get involved with council if need be too!
  • Getting ready to have a big group of people on your property. Building facilities (toilets, showers, kitchens and more) to keep up with demand. Designing everything to work seamlessly and create a space that people will love.
  • Sourcing materials. Tracking down recycled materials and best prices for any necessary purchases.
  • Facilitation. We have a huge crew of facilitators experienced in a variety of projects and building styles and can help develop a schedule for how the build will run and who will be responsible for various tasks.
  • Food. We love providing local, organic and nutritional food to people attending our workshops. We think a large part of the workshop is teaching people about nutrition and encouraging them to take their newly learnt skills back home with them afterwards.

So whether you are just looking for advice or for us to give you a hand…

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